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Audition for AMTC June 24, 2010

Filed under: theater — amandastrav @ 11:27 pm

Do you live in the New Jersey tri-state area?

Are you as passionate about acting as you are for Jesus?

If you are, Actors, Models, Talent for Christ is holding an open audition in Englewood, New Jersey on Sunday June 27. Auditions are for people of all ages from 4-84!

Actors will have to either perform a prepared monologue or one provided by AMTC. Singers and dancers will have to perform a 30 second- one minute routine. Singers must sing a ccapella. Dancers must bring a CD. Models will walk.

All 2pm openings are closed but they have opened registration for a 6pm spot. Go to to register and secure a place!

For more upcoming auditions happening all across the United States visit:


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