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‘Knight and Day’: all day every day June 27, 2010

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This summer is blowing up with blockbuster hits. We see the return of ‘Toy Story’ (after a full 11 years), hailed as being the BEST Toy Story movie ever. The much beloved television hit, ‘A-Team’, was transformed into a movie (starring the never aging Liam Neeson and oh-so-dreamy Bradley Cooper). Pixar comes out with the delicious ‘Despicable Me’. Those little yellow dudes are to die for! So cute!

‘Knight and Day’ was hailed as one of the best summer movies. You ever notice critics say the same thing about EVERY movie? All they do is change the season. I was a little skeptical as I stood in line to purchase my $11 ticket to see the resurrection-of-Tom-Cruise movie. Opening night had been a big disappointment, according to some disgruntled movie-goers. People were upset the storyline wasn’t believable, that it was corny and overdone.

“This better be good,” I said to my friend, Michelle. She nodded as the lights dimmed and the movie began.

‘Knight and Day’ is non-stop action. Car chases, gun fights, Cruise cruisin’ on top of a car. Brilliance. Tom Cruise plays Roy Miller, a secret agent who’s gone a little crazy (but in a sexy, good way). Miller captivates everday June Havens (Diaz) before boarding a flight. Turns out the seemingly “normal” flight turns into an action-packed thriller that keeps Havens in a tizzy and the audience on the edge of their seats. It kept my attention for the full two-hour ten minute time slot. When the credits rolled, I anticipated more film time. I wanted more Tom Cruise!

Confession: I watched Jimmy Kimmel Friday night just to see Cruise laugh and carry on. I think I may have a problem.

For those who said the storyline wasn’t ‘believable’, are you kidding?! What action movie is ever believable? Real life doesn’t call for CG. Want to know why? Because, a plane that swoops down and starts shooting at you will  kill you. You don’t live from that crap. Movies aren’t reality. They’re the greatest form of escape from reality (that is if you don’t want to take hallucinating drugs which is completely understandable and wise).

Sure, Diaz could’ve stopped being so ditzy and controlling, hence her being drugged and hazy for about half of the movie. Cruise and Diaz’s romance was so adorable and sarcastically cute! It was a very intelligent film and didn’t hold your hand, explaining every insignificant detail. ‘Knight and Day’ was a head scratcher for a little bit but that just encourages the audience even more to delve into the crazy.

I absolutely loved the film. It’s definitely worth buying. Five out of five stars easy. If you don’t like action films, at least go see it with the intent of staring at Cruise’s boy/man good looks for two hours.

When the critics say ‘Knight and Day’ is one of the best movies of the summer, you better believe it.


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