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The return of the Queen August 5, 2010

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Hello fellow theatre goers/geeks.

Sorry about the lack of updating. I was in Ireland for a journalism course these past two weeks. If you don’t believe me, you can visit my sister blog and get the low down on my travels. A project still needs to be completed and guess what I’m doing it on?

You guessed correctly. Theatre. Street theatre to be exact. Galway had an arts festival the few days we were there and there were so many acts. I was lost in all the dramatics from the dancers to the creepy mimes. I was in my element!

My junior year of college starts in two and a half weeks. Also, I’m writing a novel so life is busy, busy, BUSY!

Never fear. I promise to continue updating you on all the latest theatre news in the tri-state area. Maybe I’ll even include some other cities like Nashville, Chicago, and Seattle. Who knows? The possibilities are endless.

For now, though I believe I will call it a night and report on theatre news tomorrow.

‘Til then my little drama kings and queens.


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