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Here comes the sun August 11, 2010

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If you like bowl cuts, 70’s music and have the famous “Abbey Road” poster hung proudly on your bedroom wall, you’re in luck because the Beatles are coming to Broadway.

The Beatles’ discography will be performed by a group named Rain, a band that has taken years to master the stage moves and notes of the legendary Fab Four. 

Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles will be a multimedia event including interviews and stage performances of the Beatles’ from their humble beginnings to their later released music like “Sgt. Pepper” and “Abbey Road”. Very few people actually saw the Beatles in concert. This is a chance for you (yes, you) to experience the Beatles like never before.

Rain opens in the Neil Simon Theatre October 19, 2010 and closes January 2, 2011. Tickets range from $25.00 to $120.00.


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