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Love’s Labor’s Lost August 29, 2010

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Summer is nearly over. Work is becoming a drag with the cold-front weather coming in shortly. With all the running around and endless responsibilities, not to mention the too-soon bundling up, it’s high time you relax.

Take a breather from all the hard work the week brings. Collect a group of your close friends, a blanket and bug spray (those blood-sucking suckers are still buzzing around. And no I don’t mean vampires) and enjoy a fabulous night of Shakespeare in the Park.

Love’s Labor’s Lost will be playing August 19 through September 12 in Centennial Park. The show starts at 7:30pm with pre-show entertainment at 6:30pm. Refreshments will be provided as well. While the performance is free a $5 donation is appreciated.

The play is about four men who promise to stay celibate and studious for three years. All that changes when they stumble upon four beautiful women. It’s a comedic “birds and the bees” play. The male actors studied the mating tendencies of birds and have incorporated the actions into their performance: strutting, bobbing and fluttering.

Love’s Labor’s Lost should be a spectacular spectacle of loveable characters, fun and obnoxious antics and colorful costumes. Escape from your desk, your annoying boss and get your dose of Shakespeare in the Park.

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