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Learn from the best September 16, 2010

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If you keep up with my blog or visit it from time to time, you have no doubt in your mind the writer (moi) is a dedicated theater lover. Not only am I a theater lover, I’m a theatergoer (that is, when my bank account permits me to afford a train ticket to and from the city, a show ticket and maybe food? maybe).

Now, I know some of you may:

a) like theater and attend shows frequently

b) like theater but don’t go as often as you like

c) like theater but don’t go at all

d) hate theater in which case you probably have moved onto another blog. Thanks for stopping by!

If you fall in the category of a, b, or c I have a little tidbit of guidance for you. I stumbled onto a fantastic little article about how to be a great theatergoer. It has everything from box office etiquette to silencing your phone and children to learning how to exit the theater swiftly. It’s a really fun article, light read and just great points to keep in mind.

You can find the article here.

May all your Broadway excursions be wonderful, magical and totally amusing.


You bet. It’s La Bete September 13, 2010

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What do you get when you pit the arts and pop culture against each other?

La Bete!

This 90’s comedic play has been resurrected and will be playing in the Music Box Theater from September 23, 2010-February 13, 2011.

La Bete is about a dramatist, Elomire, who only loves the theater and Valere, a street clown who has a passion for…well, himself. The play gets complicated when the princess has tired of Elomire and pairs with Valere for her entertainment. The two rivals face off to decide which will survive: the arts or ego.

The sole purpose for this post is not to mention yet another play gracing the Broadway stage. Nay, my friends. This post is merely to advertise my sheer admiration for David Hyde Pierce.

You know DHP. Niles Crane on “Frasier” and Tony Award winner for Best Leading Actor in a Musical in the whodunnit? play Curtains. The wonderful, ever-talented, hilarious Pierce is playing Elomire and I can’t seem to think of a better actor for this role.

Playing alongside Pierce is Mark Rylance as Valere and Joanna Lumley as the princess. If you can make it the few months the play is open, please make sure you do attend. If not for the sake of laughing for my sake because chances are yours truly will not be able to make a performance night.

Simply tragic, I know.


Just Dance August 19, 2010

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Calling all dancers! You better get on point if you’re in the tri-state area.

In honor of the National Dance Day, the Ballerina Girls from the Tony Award-winning show Billy Elliot will be outside the Imperial Theater September 31 from 12:45pm to 1:15pm. They will be giving a warm-up routine for free.

Billy Elliot is the hit Broadway show about a boy’s incredible dream to be a dancer. You laugh, you cry, you dance! It has won 10 Tony’s including Best Musical. Elton John composed the music and Peter Darling was the choreographer.

This is a great opportunity to rub some elbows with Broadway kids. Get your dance shoes and well, just dance!


Promises, Promises August 6, 2010

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If you don’t already know, I am a huge Kristin Chenoweth fan. I love her voice, her charisma and her bubbly personality. There’s something about her sound that is just powerful. Her range is seriously wicked. Not only is she on Broadway but she made numerous appearances on Glee, my absolute favorite show.

Now she is going from the screen back to the NYC stage in a resurrection of Promises, Promises in August.

Nominated for 4 Tony Awards including Best Choreography for Rob Ashford.  Based on the 1960 Academy Award-winning Billy Wilder film The Apartment that starred Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine, Promises, Promises tells the story of the Consolidated Life Insurance Company and Chuck Baxter, one of its charming young employees. In an effort to advance at the company, Chuck lends executives his apartment for their extramarital romantic trysts. But things become slightly complicated when Fran Kubelik, the object of Chuck’s affection, becomes the mistress of one of his executives. With Simon’s funny and touching book and Bacharach and David’s hit-packed score (“I’ll Never Fall In Love Again,” “Promises, Promises,” and “Knowing When to Leave”), Promises, Promises is a unique and popular part of the musical theatre canon that will now return to the stage for the first time in over forty years, for a new generation of theatergoers.

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How many of you are planning on seeing this awesome play? I’m right there with ya.